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Early Modern English Manuscripts


Investiture and Confirmation of Heir

William Senyng, Thomas Pak and William Pette to Thomas Coveney. Dono et feoffment. Testen, Kent: 10 July 1489. Latin. Brown ink on parchment. 95 X 312 mm. Two of three wax seals intact.

This 1489 document dates from the very early Tudor period, just four years after the Battle of Bosworth Field put Henry VII on the throne. In this short document, the heir of John at Nasshe, Thomas Coveney, is granted John’s land and enfeoffed (made a land-holding vassal) with it, making him a manorial tenant of William Senyng, Thomas Pak, and William Pette.Image of Manuscript 1489The date is given at the bottom of the document as “the tenth day of July ... in the year of the reign of Henry VII, four.” The use of regnal years, years based on the reign of a monarch, make date determination a bit more challenging, but there excellent online resources for interpreting them including Calculate Dates Based on Regnal Years.