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Staff Directory

Name Department
Bintliff, Barbara (Profile)
512-471-7735 | JON 2.206J
Bridges, Barbara
Government Documents Librarian 
512-232-3805 | JON 4.203
Public Services
Brownfield, Molly
Head of Metadata Services 
512-471-6228 | JON 2.210B
Technical Services
Burman Wallace, Alice
Evening Circulation Supervisor
512-471-7726 | JON 2.200
Public Services
Chih, Frances
Executive Assistant
512-471-7241 | JON 2.206C
Clark, Martha
Circulation Coordinator
512-471-7726 | JON 2.202A
Public Services
Crawford-Black, Debra
512-232-4291 | JON 2.210
Technical Services
Cristobal, Kasia Solon (Profile)
Reference Librarian
512-471-7292 | JON 2.206F
Public Services
DeFebbo, Dana
Web Services Librarian
512-232-3819 | JON 2.212A
Public Services
Dowell, Joe
Document Delivery Supervisor
512-471-0626 | JON 2.214
Public Services
Garcia, Leticia
Acquisitions Assistant
512-471-0584 | JON 2.210
Technical Services
Gardner, Sarah
Circulation Supervisor
512-471-7726 | JON 2.200
Public Services
Hensley, Nathan
ERM/Check-in and Claiming Assistant
512-232-1574 | JON 2.210
Technical Services
Hilkin, Liz (Profile)
Head of Archives and Special Collections
512-471-7071 | JON 4.209A
Special Collections
Lee, Rich
Tech Desk Manager
512-232-1567 | JON 3.220A
Public Services
Mildfelt, Ashlie
Electronic Resource Management and Serials Librarian
512-232-1568 | JON 2.212B
Technical Services
Miller, Abigail
Assistant Director for Technical Services
512-471-1507 | JON 2.212C
Technical Services
Moreno, Pierrette
Head of Acquisitions
512-471-0339 | JON 2.210E
Technical Services
Noel, Joe (Profile)
Head of Access Services
512-232-3801 | JON 2.206G
Public Services
O'Connell, Jane (Profile)
Deputy Director
512-471-8761 | JON 2.206K
Pratter, Jonathan (Profile)
Foreign & International Law Librarian
512-471-7260 | JON 2.206B
Public Services
Roden, Kate
Archives and Rare Books Assistant
512-471-2018 | JON 3.221
Special Collections
Roquemore, Jenny
Metadata Assistant
512-471-8238 | JON 2.210
Technical Services
Steinke, Matt (Profile)
Associate Director for Public Services
512-471-6232 | JON 2.206A
Public Services
Stulgaityte, Evelina
512-471-7263 | JON 3.221
Special Collections
Washecka, Barbara
Lead Cataloger
512-471-0346 | JON 2.210C
Technical Services
Zhang, Lei
Reference Librarian
512-232-3834 | JON 2.206G
Public Services