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Graduating Students

Access after Graduation: Bloomberg Law, Lexis, and Westlaw

Bloomberg Law:

  • Graduating students have full, unrestricted access to Bloomberg Law for 6 months after graduation, until November 30. Graduating students do not need to do anything for this access; it is automatic.

If you haven’t already signed up for Bloomberg Law, there’s information on how to do so here. If you have questions about your Bloomberg Law account, you can contact Tarlton’s account representative, Michael Calder, at

Lexis Advance:

  • Graduating students have full, unrestricted access to Lexis Advance for 6 months after graduation. Graduating students do not need to do anything for this access; it is automatic.
  • Graduating students engaged in qualified public interest, non-profit work may also qualify for additional Lexis Advance access through the ASPIRE Program. Information about ASPIRE access can be found here.

If you have any questions about your Lexis account, you can contact Tarlton’s account representative, Jaclyn Olivas, at


  • Graduating students can extend their academic Westlaw accounts for 6 months after graduation for the following purposes: (i) bar study, (ii) career usage, and (iii) any other academic purpose. This access allows 60 hours of research per month. Additionally, graduating students will have access to the career resource Profiler for 18 months after graduation. Graduating students’ access to Westlaw ends on May 31. Graduating students can apply to extend their Westlaw passwords for the 6 month post-graduation use (if they are using it for one of the above three approved purposes) by taking a survey at To take the survey, look for this image:

defocused rear image of graduates in gowns. Text reads: Grads, want more Westlaw? Take a brief survey to see if you qualify!

  • Graduating students are NOT allowed to use their academic Westlaw accounts after graduation for work at a law firm, company, or governmental organization. If a graduating student needs Westlaw for one of these purposes, then the Westlaw account/password provided by the firm/company/governmental organization should be used instead.

If you have specific questions about your Westlaw account, you can email Tarlton’s Westlaw account representative, Erica Mohai, at

Tarlton's Guide to Bar Admissions Information and Materials

Graduating and getting ready to take the bar? Check out the library's guide to Bar Admissions Information and Materials.

State Bar of Texas

The State Bar of Texas is the fifth largest organization of lawyers in the United States. The State Bar Act, adopted by the Texas Legislature in 1939, mandates that all attorneys licensed to practice law in Texas be members of the State Bar.

American Bar Association

Other Libraries in Texas

No matter where you end up practicing, you may find yourself in need of a local law library for its print or online resources. Local law libraries often have a version of Westlaw that they make available to patrons. The Texas State Law Library has compiled a list of academic and county law libraries in Texas. Listed below are the other law libraries in Austin open to the public besides Tarlton. UT Libraries also offers certain services for UT alums.