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U T School of Law Class Composites 1844 to 1959


The School of Law 1920-1929

The Department of Law became the University of Texas School of Law in 1920. The same year, admissions requirements were raised to ten courses, or two full years of work in the College of Arts and Sciences. By 1925, the courses were prescribed. In 1923, the school appeared on the first A.B.A. list of approved schools.

John C. Townes resigned as dean in 1923, and was replaced by George C. Butte, followed a year later by Ira P. Hildebrand. The first female instructor joined the faculty in 1923. Miss Lucy Moore taught legal bibliography, which was a new course at the time, as well as serving as secretary, registrar, and Law Librarian (1926-1940). The John C. Townes Library for Legal Research had reached 30,000 volumes by the late 1920s.

The School of Law and the Texas Bar Association jointly founded the Texas Law Review in 1922, with the express purpose of providing Texas and the Southwest with a “good law journal.” The journal provided a distribution mechanism for the annual report, and a venue Texas Law School faculty to publish their work.

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