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The Papers of Justice Tom C. Clark, Civil Liberites and Civil Rights Cases of the U S Supreme Court

Law Clerks

1949 Percy D. Williams 1958-59 Charles H. Phillips; Max O. Truitt, Jr.
1950-51 Donald F. Turner 1959-60 Cecil Wray, Jr.; Larry Temple
1951-52 Stuart W. Thayer; C. Richard Walker 1960-61 Carl Estes, II; Malachy Mahon
1952 Vester T. Hughes, Jr. 1961-62 James E. Knox & Burk Mathes, Jr.
1952-53 Frederick M. Rowe; Bernard Weisberg 1962-63 Martin J. Flynn; Raymond L. Brown
1953-54 Ellis H. McKay; Ernest Rubenstein 1963-64 James L. McHugh, Jr.; James H. Pipkin, Jr.
1954-55 John Kaplan; William Kenneth Jones 1964-65 Michael Maupin; Shannon H. Ratliff
1955-56 John E. Nolan; Robert W. Hamilton 1965-66 Lee A. Freeman, Jr.; Charles D. Reed
1956-57 Harry L. Hobson; John J. Crown 1966-67 Stuart Philip Ross; Marshall Groce
1957-58 Robert Gorman; William D. Powell