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Charles Alan Wright's Legal Eagles

Following the death of Charles Alan Wright in July 2000, Brian Rider took over coaching duties for the legendary team, continuing its winning tradition to the present day. The two photos below are from unknown years. If you can assist by providing the year, identifying team members pictured, or providing statistics for these years or any other years, please email

Legal Eagles year unknown

Legal Eagles year unknown


Legal Eagles 2006

First row: Ryan Ellis, Stephen McKay, Craig Boncan, Billy Lepak, Knox Nunnally, Randy Mosier, Jorge Sanchez.

Second Row: Chris Lee, Judd Littleton, Clark Rucker, Calvin Chang, Ben Sweet, Tom Linney.

Third Row: Coach Drolla, Matt Henry, Neil Fuquay, Shamus Crosby, Chance Sampson, Coach Rider.



Legal Eagles 2012

First row: Will Thanheiser, Mikson Ehimika, Conner Jackson, James Hartle, Harry Thompson, Robert Hughes, Justice Moore, Austin Light, and Idris Akinpelu.

Second row: Coach Drolla, James Weiss, James Harms, Chase Proctor, Matthew Pyeatt, Bradley Parro, Randy Santa Ana, Derek Kammerlocher, Edward Bailey, Michael Munden, Coach Nogoski, Coach Rider.

Not pictured: Frederic Keith.

7 wins - 1 loss

Game date Score Opposing team
9/26/2012 9-0 Team MPA
10/3/2012 34-13 Jukes of Hazzard
10/10/2012 41-0 happypants
10/17/2012 21-0 Structurally Gifted
10/31/2012 20-0 Team MPA
11/5/2012 19-7 Touchdown! My Pants - Graduate Championship
11/11/2012 12-7 Texas Wranglers Black
11/13/2012 6-12 Shake N Bake - All-University Championship


Legal Eagles 2013

First row: Marshall Sales, Bradley Parro, Aurangzab Jalili, James Harms, Samuel Snyder, Derek Kammerlocher, Matthew Pyeatt, James Yanney, Will Thanheiser, Randy Santa Ana.

Second row: Coach Drolla, Chase Proctor, Austin Light, Yaman Desai, Jordan De La Cruz, Frederick Keith, Edward Festeryga, Daniel Temple, Aaron Gregg, Benjamin Chrisman, Robert Hughes, Michael Cruciani.

9 wins - 0 losses

Game date Score Opposing team
9/18/2013 14-6 MBA Football
9/25/2013 18-0 Business as Usual
10/9/2013 19-0 Kluwe's Crew
10/23/2013 14-7 The Dinosaurs!
10/30/2013 31-0 Magic Grits
11/3/2013 24-7 Uncle Rico
11/5/2013 20-0 The Dinosaurs! - Graduate Championship
11/11/2013 28-0 Ecclesiathletes
11/13/2013 14-13 Scorinthians


Legal Eagles 2014

First row: Daniel Temple, Benjamin Goodman, Kyle Calhoun, Christopher Albert, Yaman Desai, Josiah Clarke, Aaron Gregg, Jordon De La Cruz.

Second row: Coach Rider, Derek Kammerlocher, Aurangzab Jalili, Erik Weber, Barrett Robin, Marc Lombardi, Randy Santa Ana, James Yanney, Michael Cruciani, Aaron Kleinschmidt, Coach Drolla.

Not pictured: Edward Festeryga, Marshall Sales.

7 wins - 1 loss

Game date Score Opposing team
9/15/2014 27-6 None of Your Business
9/22/2014 14-2 Fredo Messina
10/6/2014 20-0 Subox-owned
10/13/2014 21-12 Team Heisenberg
10/29/2014 21-0 Touchdown! My Pants
11/3/2014 20-0 Team Heisenberg - Graduate Championship
11/10/2014 20-13 Illuminati
11/12/2014 13-19 Shake N Bake - All-University Championship


Legal Eagles 2015

Top Row: Unknown, Alex Kykta, Ben Alfred, Unknown, Hobbie Temple, Garrett Auzenne, Ellwood P. Hinman, Josh Gold, David Holmes, Joe Carmical, Zachary Wyatte, Louis Bedford, Coach Brian Rider.

Bottom Row: Christopher Albert, Aaron Kleinschmidt, Sulman Hirani, Brandon Chen, Ishmael Pink, Steffen Sowell, Jason Vu, David-Jean Batist, Kwame Mensah.

5 wins - 1 loss

Game date Score Opposing team
9/16/2015 13-0 Business as Usual
9/23/2015 9-0 TEM-BAllers
9/30/2015 20-0 Keyasmash
10/5/2015 32-0 Illegal Seagulls
10/14/2015 20-13 Business as Usual - Graduate Championship
10/21/2015 6-7 Charged-Up - All University Semi-Finals