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Charles Alan Wright's Legal Eagles


The 1955 Legal Eagles team beat the Star Chambermaids 45-0 in the first Beer Bowl.


The 1956 Legal Eagles team ended the season with a 4-2 record and beat the Exes in the Beer Bowl 6-0.


Legal Eagles 1957

Helen Hargrave and Team Captain Charles Alan Wright, center, are surrounded by members Charles Burton, Henry Burton, Jim Carroll, Paul Dionne, Paul French, Terry Haynes, Tony Korioth, Jerry Lucas, John Totz, and B. H. Watson.

Two law school divisions were established - the Helen Hargrave Memorial League, which consisted of the Legal Eagles, Olafs, Praetors, Phi Alpha Delta, and Slippery Seven, and the Dorothy Smith Memorial League, consisting of the Law Horns, Blue Beavers, Phi Delta Phi, Delta Theta Phi, and Tort Feasors. The Legal Eagles were the champions of the Helen Hargrave Memorial League, but lost to the Law Horns in the play-off game.

Game date Score Opposing team
n.d. 26-0 Exes - Beer Bowl
n.d. 19-13 Olafs
n.d. 0-6 Phi Delta Phi
n.d. 12-6 Delta Theta Phi
n.d. 0-0* Phi Alpha Delta
n.d. 14-7 Praetors
12/2/1957 32-0 Tortfeasors
12/17/1957 7-19 Law Horns - Law School Championship

* won on penetrations


The Legal Eagles tied 19-19 with the Crimson Cardinals in 1958's Beer Bowl, ending the season with a 4-2-1 record.


With Charles Wright a visiting professor at the University of Pennsylvania, Captain Don Dickson led the team in the 1959 season.

Score Opposing Team
13-12 Delta Theta Phi
a loss "unknowns"
28-6 Frosh