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Services for Law Review and Journal Students

Working in the Library

Journals may use the Library for book pulls and staff edits. We encourage group citechecking to take place from noon on Fridays until the Library closes on Sunday. The Bluebook permits citing to pdf sources (Rule 18.2.1(a)), so we also encourage using pdfs when possible. Tarlton has a guide on finding materials in pdf.

Tips on locating a book in the Library:

  • Map It! catalog feature: If you look up an item in the catalog, that item's catalog record shows a button labeled "Map It!" on the right side. The button will bring up a floor map displaying where the item is located, highlighting in red the book stack on which the item is shelved. There is also a mobile friendly version of the catalog.
  • Library floor maps: maps with call numbers are available on the Library's website, including in pdf for printer-friendly versions. You can also ask for maps of the stacks at the Library's circulation desk.

Tips on finding a book that is missing from the shelf:

  • Double check the catalog to make sure it is not checked out after all or recently returned.
  • Check the red shelves on the 3rd and 4th floors (Stacks 318, 326, 417, and 426) to see if it is waiting to be reshelved.
  • Check the shelves set aside for law review book pulls on the 4th floor, near Room 4.203.
  • Ask at the front circulation desk for further assistance.

If you are having trouble finding a book in the library, please ask for assistance at the library’s Circulation Desk.

Journal Reserve Shelving

map of library use only materials

The Library has specially designated shelves where journal members can store library use only materials while using them for citation checks. These shelves are located on the 4th Floor at Stacks 401-403.



To use these shelves: 

  • Bring the books you are using to the circulation desk.
  • Tell the circulation desk what journal you are from and that you would like to check them out to the journal shelves.
  • Place them in your journal's designated area on the journal shelves on the 4th Floor
  • When you are finished, put the books on one of the three nearby red redistribution shelves. 

Many items we have that you cannot otherwise borrow can be checked out to the journal shelves in this way. These items include:

  • Multi-volume sets
  • Loose-leaf titles
  • State codes
  • State reporters

Some high-use materials cannot be checked out to the journal shelves. These include: