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Finding Materials in PDF

A guide to resources with primary and secondary content in PDF.


Rule 18.2.1 of the Bluebook states: “When an authenticated, official, or exact [i.e., PDF] copy of a source is available online, citation can be made as if to the original print source (without any URL information appended).”

If you need the exact or original image of a document (usually in Portable Document Format (PDF)), use this guide for help finding it online, whether for law review source collection or some other purpose. The "Primary Sources" tabs link to legislative, judicial, and executive materials, first for the federal level and then for states. The "Texas" tab lists primary sources for the state separately, followed by legislative history materials. The "Foreign & International" tab mainly lists treaties, along with some other selected resources. The "Secondary Sources" tab focuses on law books, law reviews, and the Restatements. Finally, some newspapers available in PDF can be found on the "Newspapers" tab.

This guide is selective, not comprehensive, in listing resources as it is impossible to make note of everything in PDF. The dates of coverage provided are for PDF only; a given resource might have more extensive coverage in a different format.

Main Databases with PDF Content

This is a list of selected databases. To see all licensed databases available at UT, check the full lists from both the law library and UT Libraries.

Please note, access to certain databases linked in this guide may be restricted to UT Law or the UT community. Hover over the symbols to see access policies. Links without symbols are open to the public. 

If You Still Can't Find What You Need . . .

Here are some tips if you still can't find what you need after using this guide:

  • if this guide lists a database that could contain what you are looking for, but does not mention the date you need, click through to the resource to double check the dates of coverage, which are constantly changing;
  • search the online catalog TALLONS directly to double check the library's digital holdings (catalog records will appear with the notation "[electronic resource]");
  • double check the databases available from the law library and UT Libraries;
  • find the organization's website or the author's online C.V. to see if there is a version posted in pdf;
  • if searching for a state publication, look for a research guide for that particular state for suggested resources;
  • ask a librarian.