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Constitutions of Texas 1824-1876

Sole Section: Public Education

TITLE VI.only page of Title VI, Sole Section


Public Education.

ART. 215. In all the towns of the state a suitable number of primary schools shall be established, wherein shall be taught reading, writing, arithmetic, the cathechism of the christian religion, a brief and simple explanation of this constitution, and that of the republic, the rights and duties of man in society, and whatever else may conduce the better education of youth.

ART. 216. The seminaries most required for affording the public the means of instruction in the sciences and arts useful in the state; and wherein, the aforementioned constitutions shall be fully explained, shall be established in suitable places and in proportion as circumstances go on permitting.

ART. 217. The method of teaching shall be uniform throughout the state, and with this view, also to facilitate the same, congress shall form a general plan of public education, and regulate by means of statutes and laws all that pertains to this most important object.

(Transcription, errors in original preserved)

Title VI, Sole Section, Article 215

Title VI, Sole Section, Article 215

Title VI, Sole Section, Articles 216-217; Title VII, Sole Section, Articles 218-223

Title VI, Sole Section, Articles 216-217; Title VII, Sole Section, Articles 218-223