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Constitutions of Texas 1824-1876


SCHEDULE.beginning page of Schedule

SEC. 1. That no inconvenience may arise from the adoption of this Constitution, it is declared by this Convention that all laws now in force in Texas, and not inconsistent with this Constitution, shall remain in full force until declared void, repealed, altered, or expire by their own limitations.

SEC. 2. All fines, penalties, and forfeitures, and escheats, which have heretofore accrued to Coahuila and Texas, or Texas, shall accrue to this Republic.

SEC. 3.Every male citizen who is by this Constitution a citizen, and shall be otherwise qualified shall be entitled to hold any office of place of honor, trust, or profit, under the Republic, any thing in this Constitution to the contrary notwithstanding.

SEC. 4. The first President and Vice President that shall be appointed after the adoption of this Constitution, shall be chosen by this Convention, and shall immediately enter on the duties of their offices, and shall hold said offices until their successors be elected and qualified, as prescribed in this Constitution, and shall have the same qualifications, be invested with the same powers, and perform the same duties which are required and conferred on the Executive head of the Republic by this Constitution.

SEC. 5. The President shall issue writs of election directed to the officers authorized to hold elections of the several counties, requiring them to cause an election to be held for President, Vice President, Representatives and Senators to Congress, at the time and mode prescribed by this Constitution, which election shall be conducted in the manner that elections have been heretofore conducted. The President, Vice President, and members of Congress, when duly elected, shall continue to discharge the duties of their respective offices for the time and manner prescribed by this Constitution, until their successors be duly qualified.

SEC. 6. Until the first enumeration shall be made, as directed by this Constitution, the precinct of Austin shall be entitled to one representative; the precinct of Brazoria two representatives; the precinct of Bexar two representatives; the precinct of Colorado one representative; Sabine one; Gonzales one; Goliad one; Harrisburg one; Jasper one; Jefferson one; Liberty one; Matagorda one; Mina two; Nacogdoches two; Red River three; Victoria one; San Augustine two; Shelby two; Refugio one; San Patricio one; Washington two; Milam one; and Jackson one representative.

SEC. 7. Until the first enumeration shall be made, as described by the Constitution, the Senatorial districts shall be composed of the following precincts: Bexar shall be entitled to one Senator; San Patricio, Refugio, and Goliad, one; Brazoria one; Mina and Gonzales one; Nacogdoches one; Red River one; Shelby and Sabine one; Washington one; Matagorda, Jackson, and Victoria, one; Austin and Colorado one; San Augustine one; Milam one; Jasper and Jefferson one; and Liberty and Harrisburg one Senator.

SEC. 8. All judges, sheriffs, commissioners, and other civil officers shall remain in office, and in the discharge of the powers and duties of their respective offices, until there shall be others appointed or elected under the Constitution.

(Transcription, errors in original preserved)

Schedule, Sections 1-5

Schedule, Sections 1-5

Schedule, Sections 5-6; General Provisions, Sections 1-5

Schedule, Sections 5-6; General Provisions, Sections 1-5