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Finding Materials in PDF

A guide to resources with primary and secondary content in PDF.

Federal Statutes - United States Code

Federal Statutes - Statutes at Large

Federal Courts - U.S. Supreme Court

Bound reports start in 1754 because they were printed with other, earlier cases. The Court did not decide a case until 1791.

Federal Courts - Appeals Courts

Federal Courts - District Courts

Federal Court Documents

Supreme Court:

Circuit Appeals Courts and District Courts:

  • PACER: Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) is an electronic public access service that allows users to obtain case and docket information from federal appellate, district and bankruptcy courts. (Login required; limited access available for UT Law patrons; contact the reference desk for information.)
    • Coverage varies by court; for federal courts with Texas jurisdiction:
      • 5th Cir. Court: 04/23/1959- (only dockets available)
      • E.D. Tex.: 01/09/1964-
      • N.D. Tex.: 11/25/1952-
      • S.D. Tex.: 05/06/1951-   
      • W.D. Tex.: 08/20/1970- 
  • Bloomberg Law (login required): Bloomberg Law provides unlimited access to PACER for the law school community. When requesting a document that has not yet been downloaded to Bloomberg Law from PACER (signified by a green link instead of a blue link), the user is presented with a pop-up window to make a "document request." No information needs to be provided in this window. Simply click "submit," and if the document is available on PACER then it will be downloaded to the user's account when it is retrieved and an email will be sent to the user advising them accordingly.
    • Coverage mirrors the coverage of PACER
  • Westlaw: (login required)
    • Federal District Court Filings: coverage varies by court, but generally begins in the early 2000s for civil and 2005 for criminal.
    • Federal Appeals Courts Briefs:
      • First Circuit 1976-
      • Second Circuit 1981-
      • Third Circuit 1982-
      • Fourth Circuit 1976-
      • Fifth Circuit 1972-
      • Sixth Circuit 1978-
      • Seventh Circuit 1987-
      • Eighth Circuit 1980-
      • Ninth Circuit 1973-
      • Tenth Circuit 2000-
      • Eleventh Circuit 1980-
      • D.C. Circuit 1976-
      • Federal Circuit 1983-