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Fictional Lawyers

Perry Mason has gone full circle. Not only was he such a respected character that televisionPerry Masonaudiences came to expect their own lawyers to be just like him, but now other fictional lawyers are using him as their model. Although he stands as the ultimate representative of television lawyers, there has been a wide range of such characters over the years, from the second year of commercial television in the first syndicated series to the present. Since lawyers tend to be a profit-seeking and conservative group, it is not surprising that there do not seem to have been any lawyer programs during the experimental phase of the history of television.
The series listed here include not only the well-known courtroom dramas, but any programs which depicted a lawyer in a significant and recurring role. The character may not be seen actually practicing law; it is enough that the audience connects the character to the legal profession. Series from other countries are included only if they also appeared on U.S. television.

Fictional Lawyers 1950-2005 (PDF)