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Pickett Family Papers

Law School Exams

Ed Pickett
Entrance examination in torts, 1898
E. B. Pickett, Jr. Law School Exams (1898-1899) consist of ten examinations and review questions on various subjects like torts and partnership from E. B. Pickett, Jr.’s senior year at the University of Texas Department of Law in 1899. During Pickett’s time at the University, the Law Department held classes in the basement of the Old Main. The 1890s was a time of growth for Texas Law – enrollment had tripled compared to a decade earlier, a graduate course in law was added, and additional lecturers were hired. However, because students could take a law examination and begin practice after their junior year, graduation rates remained low. Students who graduated, including E. B. Pickett, Jr. were exempt from taking a bar exam.