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The Tarlton Law Library is open at this time with access limited to current UT Law students, faculty, and staff. Members of the UT Austin community unaffiliated with the law school may contact the Circulation Desk (, 512-471-7726) for assistance with accessing library resources. Online reference services are also available. Please see the Tarlton Reopening FAQs and the Texas Law Fall 2020 Reopening Plan for additional details

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Staff Directory

Name Department
Appleton, Betsy
Head of Collection Development
512-471-6583 | JON 2.210C
Technical Services
Bintliff, Barbara (Profile)
512-471-7735 | JON 2.206J
Bridges, Barbara
Government Documents Librarian 
512-232-3805 | JON 2.206D
Public Services
Brownfield, Molly (Profile)
Assistant Director for Administration and Head of Metadata Services
Interim Head of Special Collections 
512-471-6228 | JON 2.210B
Technical Services
Special Collections
Chih, Frances
Executive Assistant
512-471-7241 | JON 2.210D
Clark, Martha
Circulation Manager
512-471-7726 | JON 2.202A
Public Services
Crawford-Black, Debra
Senior Cataloger
512-232-4291 | JON 2.210A
Technical Services
Cristobal, Kasia Solon (Profile)
Reference Librarian
512-471-7292 | JON 2.206A
Public Services
Dowell, Joe
Document Delivery Supervisor
512-471-0626 | JON 2.214
Public Services
Garcia, Leticia
Technical Services Assistant
512-471-0584 | JON 2.210
Technical Services
Hensley, Nathan
Collection Management Coordinator
512-232-1574 | JON 2.210
Technical Services
Holahan, Alisa
Reference Librarian
512-232-3350 | JON 2.206H
Public Services
Kimball, Joshua
Weekend Circulation Assistant
512-471-7726 | JON 2.214A
Public Services
Lee, Rich
Tech Desk Manager
512-232-1567 | JON 3.220A
Public Services
Mildfelt, Ashlie
Metadata Librarian
512-232-1568 | JON 2.212B
Technical Services
Miller, Abigail
Associate Director for Technical Services
512-471-1507 | JON 2.212C
Technical Services
Moreno, Pierrette
Head of Acquisitions
512-471-0339 | JON 2.210E
Technical Services
Noel, Joe (Profile)
Head of Access Services and Instruction Coordinator
512-232-3801 | JON 2.206G
Public Services
Pratter, Jonathan (Profile)
Foreign & International Law Librarian
512-471-7260 | JON 2.206B
Public Services
Radthorne, Daniel
Reference Librarian
512-232-3814 | JON 2.206F
Public Services
Roden, Kate
Rare Books Librarian
512-471-2018 | JON 4.209A
Special Collections
Roquemore, Jenny
Metadata Assistant
512-471-8238 | JON 2.210
Technical Services
Smith, Jacob
Circulation Supervisor
512-232-3819 | JON 2.214A
Public Services
Stacy, Katie
Administrative Assistant / Operations Manager
512-232-5382 | JON 2.206
Steinke, Matt (Profile)
Associate Director / Head of Public Services
512-471-6232 | JON 2.206A
Public Services
Stulgaityte, Evelina
512-471-7263 | JON 3.221
Special Collections
Treviño, Laura 
Evening Circulation Supervisor
512-471-7726 | JON 2.200
Public Services
Zhang, Lei
Student Services Coordinator
512-232-3834 | JON 2.206G
Public Services