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Constitutions of Texas Subject Index: A


absences of voters or civil officers

adjournments, legislative

admiralty and maritime cases, court jurisdiction in

adoption, child

African Americans

age of adult responsibility/rights

age requirements

Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas (Texas A&M)

agricultural operations, occupational tax exemption


alcoholic beverages

aldermen, restrictions on legislative power

alienation in fee, public school lands

alteration of form of government, right to

ambassadors and court jurisdiction


American Indians

disqualification from voting

1845 - Article III, section 2
1866 - Article III, section 1

exclusion from census

1845 - Article III, section 29
1861 - Article III, section 29

exclusion from citizenship

1836 - General Provisions, section 10
1861 - Article III, section 1

exclusion from district apportionment

1836 - Article I, section 7

legislative power to regulate commerce with

1824 - Title III, Section 5, Article 50

amnesties and indulgences, legislative power to grant

1824 - Title III, Section 5, Article 50

appellate cases

Appellate Court

disqualification of judges

1876 - Article V, section 11; Article XV, section 8

jurisdictional issues

1876 - Article V, section 8; Article V, section 16

powers and responsibilities

1876 - Article V, sections 5-6

appointees, governmental

apportionment, district

apprenticeships of minors, court jurisdiction



arms, right to bear

arrest, freedom from

assembly, freedom of

assessment of property for taxation

asylums, establishment of

attorney general

Austin, Texas