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Constitutions of Texas Subject Index: S


Saltillo, territorial boundaries

1827 - Preliminary Provisions, Article 7

schedule for constitutional implementation

school districts

seal of state

seal of the Republic

seat of government

secession, consequences of

secret legislative sessions

secretaries of Congress of Coahuila and Texas

secretaries of state

secretary of council

segregation of schools

self-government, right to

self-incrimination, protection from

seminaries of higher learning


sentences, criminal, executive powers

separation of powers

servitude, involuntary


sindicos and local government

sinking fund

size of legislature


Sons of the South, disqualification from voting

sovereignty of Coahuila and Texas

Spanish and Mexican land titles

Spanish domain and eligibility for office

Speaker of the House

special (extra) sessions

special tribunals

speech, freedom of

speedy trial clause

states rights and responsibilities in Mexican Confederacy (1824)

street railroads, local government control

substitute deputies

succession, laws of


superintendent of immigration

superintendent of public instruction

superior tribunals

Supreme Court

surveyor, county, election of

suspension of laws, authority for