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Constitutions of Texas Subject Index: P


pardons, executive power to grant

parochial schools

patents and copyrights

patronage, legislative regulation of

penitentiary, establishment of state

pensions for war veterans

people's welfare as purpose of government

permanent congressional deputation

perpetuities, prohibition on

personal property, protection of

police court, establishment of

police forces

poll tax

poor houses and farms, establishment of

post offices, legislative responsibility for


President of the Congress of Coahuila and Texas

President of the Republic of Texas

President of the Senate

President of the United Mexican States (1824)

President pro tempore of the Council of Government

President pro tempore of the Senate

press, freedom of

primogeniture, prohibition on

private property

private schooling

Probate Court

projects of law or decree, procedures for

property qualifications for electors/officials

property rights

property taxes

propositions of laws or decrees, procedures for

public funds

public ministers, court jurisdiction

public officials

public property

public schools

public works, protection of laborers on