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Mexican Law Research Guide

National Constitution

Constitución Política de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos

The constitution currently in force was adopted in 1917. Given that the constitution is amended so frequently, it is important to consult an up-to-date text.  The versions on the Web cited below are current.

National Judicial Decisions

Semanario Judicial de la Federación is the only regularly published reporter of judicial decisions in Mexico. It covers the decisions of the Suprema Corte de Justicia de la Nación (Supreme Court of México) and the Tribunales Colegiados de Circuito (federal intermediate courts of appeals).

Beginning in 2012, the Semanario began its tenth "epoch."  Note that the Semanario is now posted in full text PDF on the website of the Supreme Court, going back to the issue for March 2011. (Each monthly issue is over 2,000 pages and so will take several minutes to load.)

IUS  is the database of the Supreme Court containing what are called “tesis de jurisprudencia.” These are summaries ("tesis") of decisions.  "Jurisprudencia" is the category of decisions having precedential effect. In addition to "tesis de jurisprudencia," IUS now includes some "ejecutorias" (full text decisions).  In hard copy the jurisprudencia is collected, but only up to 2000, in the Apéndice al Semanario (KGF 72.5 A64 2000).

Decisions of the state appellate courts are impossible to find outside Mexico.

National Legislation

The Diario Oficial de la Federación is the daily official gazette of the federal government. It publishes laws and regulations enacted by the federal government. It is available at the website of the Diario Oficial.

The Law Library maintains a large collection of current federal legislation in hard copy in the KGF section.  Examples are:
The Chamber of Deputies of the Mexican Congress maintains a website (at with over 250 federal codes and laws in current versions. This site also has over 80 of the important reglamentos de leyes federales (regulations to the federal legislation).  A similar collection is available on the website of the Instituto de Investigaciones Jurídicas (UNAM).

National Legislation in English Translations

Mexican legislation in English translation is scattered in many sources. Some are mentioned here. For further assistance finding translations see Jonathan Pratter, Foreign & International Law Librarian (ask for him at the Circulation Desk).

  • Foreign Law Guide - Mexico entry. (The Law Library subscribes to this; UT EID and password required.) This is a valuable resource for finding information on legislation in Mexico, including translations.
  • Federal Civil Code of Mexico - KGF 404.32 A52 2003.
  • Mexican Civil Code Annotated - KGF 404.32 V37 2012
  • Commercial Code of Mexico and Commercial Companies Act of Mexico (2019) (Currently being processed)
  • Mexican Law Library: Commercial Codes - KGF 1054 1997.  These are now somewhat dated translations of business-related legislation.

Finding Normas Oficiales Mexicanas (NOM)

State Legislation

The call number range KGF 6211 to KGF 9390 is devoted to law of the Mexican states and the Federal District.