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Guide to Researching the CISG

Researching CISG Case Law

An April 2020 Westlaw search on the CISG in federal cases returned 497 cases.  Not all of these cases will be relevant because sometimes the court mentions the Convention on the way to saying that it does not apply, but many of these cases are on point, with the CISG supplying the rule of decision.  The search was easy to do because U.S. courts correctly use the name of the Convention when they refer to it.

However, the CISG is, of course, a multilateral agreement.  As of April 2020, there are 93 parties.  That means that CISG cases can arise in the courts of 93 countries.  Moreover, Article 7(1) of the Convention says that "[i]n the interpretation of this Convention regard is to be had to its international character and to the need to promote uniformity in its application..."

So, how do you find CISG case law from jurisdictions around the world?  There are several solutions, most based on the Web.  They complement each other, so one should not be used to the exclusion of the others.  Links to these web-based resources are in the box below.

CISG Case Law on the Web