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Bluebook Legal Citation

A guide to legal citation using Bluebook rules.

Administrative and Executive materials

Rules and regulation
Bluebook Rule (21st): 14.2

Example: 7 C.F.R. § 319.76 (1999).

Agency rules in the Code of Federal Regulations are cited in a similar manner to statutes - by title, section or part, and year. The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) is revised once a year, and you should cite to the most recent edition. You should only use the name of the rule if it is commonly cited that way.

Proposed rules that have not yet been codified in the CFR should be cited to the Federal Register.


Administrative Adjudications and Arbitrations
​Bluebook Rule (21st): 14.3

Example: Zanova, Inc., 59 U.S.P.Q.2d 1300 (Trademark Tr. & App. Bd. Apr. 30, 2001).

The first guideline for citing administrative adjudications is that you should cite by the reported name of the first listed private party. You should omit procedural phrases like "in re" or "in the matter of."

You can use parenthetical phrases to indicate information about the nature and stage of the proceeding. For instance, you can include terms such as: "notice," "initiation," "prelim.neg.," or others.


Which Sources to Cite
Bluebook Rule (21st): 14.3.2

If the opinion of an adjudicative body appears in an official reporter, cite to it. If it does not, cite the official release or slip opinion. With this, include the full date, a publication number, and the number of the case.