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What is Bloomberg BNA?

Bloomberg BNA (Bureau of National Affairs) offers daily, weekly, or monthly news services on topics that span corporate law, tax, accounting, employment law, environment, health care, intellectual property, litigation, and more.

Bloomberg BNA aims to keep readers up-to-date with news and analysis on the most current developments in a particular practice area. Their products go beyond case law, providing updates on legislative and regulatory developments and trends among practitioners as well.

When to Use Bloomberg BNA Newsletters

A Bloomberg BNA newsletter is optimal for staying current on an ongoing research assignment or to make sure as a practitioner you remain up to date in your field. Their products provide updates on all three branches of the law along with industry trends and developments for each specific topic.

How to Find Bloomberg BNA Newsletters

Bloomberg BNA is a subscription database and print publisher. It will depend on your workplace whether they have licensed access to it or print products.

At Tarlton, law students can get to BNA by going to the library’s Databases page, and then choosing Bloomberg BNA Core Premier from the links listed. From that page, a user can select from one of the many different products that focus on specific areas of law and sign up for email newsletters. (Content is also available via Bloomberg Law, but it is still easier to work with it via Bloomberg BNA Core Premier.) Check the online catalog, TALLONS, to find what print titles are available in Tarlton's collection.

How to Use Bloomberg BNA Newsletters

If you select one of the specialized legal areas from the initial Bloomberg BNA screen, you are taken to the home page of that database. For each one, you then have the ability to customize what you see each time you access it. By clicking on the ‘Preferences’ tab at the top of the page, you can select specific sub-topics, courts and tribunals, agencies, and states that you wish to see news and analysis from on the home page. You also have the ability to search through past issues of both in print and online editions.

Additionally, you have the option to sign up for email updates for each service in a given area of law. From the initial Bloomberg BNA Premier homepage, you will see "Sign Up for Email Updates" in the upper left of the screen, under "Research Tools."

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Can provide the most current updates
  • Goes beyond case law, including legislative and regulatory developments and practitioner trends
  • Can be a source of forms and documents in specialized areas


  • Full text of the opinions discussed are not provided (though external links to the full text often are)