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Doctor Samuel Peterson: Looking back 100 years

The Founding of the U.T. Chapter of Delta Chi

In 1907 a group of law students founded the U.T. Chapter of Delta Chi. They initiated Samuel Peterson as an honorary member on April 13th, 1907, as described in this diary excerpt:

Delta Chi

"Then I went to house on 22 ½ St. near Rio Grande (owned by Miss Hubbard), where Delta Chi fraternity chapter was being installed. All members of faculty where there. After waiting a while we were initiated as honorary members, but process was same as for active members. About 11:30 we all took cars down town to Hancock opera-house restaurant, + had a banquet with toasts after. Got there about 2:30, + Miller, Tarlton, Simkins + I were put in hack + driven home. [Townes did not go to banquet]. [at banquet tasted caviar and (martini) cocktail for first time in my life: cocktail very bad.] Bride, of Washington, D.C. installed the chapter."