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Doctor Samuel Peterson: Looking back 100 years

Full transcript of 1906

MONDAY, JAN. 1, 1906
At Austin, Texas, occupying rooms at 504 W. 14th St, house of Mrs. Copes.  Am Adjunct-Professor of Political Science and Law in Univ. of Texas. In morning read Statesman as usual. At 10 went down to p.o. + mailed letters.  Bought grapes + bread. Had carving knife sharpened. Worked some. At 1:20, Dr. + Mrs. Raymond D. Miller came, having been invited to turkey dinner. We had dinner, + then spent afternoon till 4 in conversation. They went home. In evening worked and studied some. Rained most of day, but not very cold.

To Univ., + attended to a few matters. After dinner worked on class roll in Priv. Corp. Rec'd letter from Father + later wrapped up my heavy overcoat, took it to Wells Fargo express + sent it to Father. (7 lbs. - 85 ¢). To Sandbo's office and handed him assignment of Jackson notes to put on record. In evening studied and wrote latter to Father. Day very warm + damp. Rained + stormed in evening.

To Univ. Met class in "Comparative Constitutional Government" at 10, and at 12 met class in "Private Corporations" in law school for first time: assigned cases + talked about method of handling course. In afternoon made out tentative roll of Priv. Corp. class. Studied law. Day bright + clear: north wind.

To Univ. after 9 and worked in law lib most of time till class at 12 in Priv. Corp. After dinner read magazine + studied law. In evening studied German gov't. Day pleasant.

FRIDAY, JAN. 5, 1906
To Univ. Class in Comp. Const. Govt. at 10. Worked in law lib. + to Priv. Corp at 12. After dinner read magazine + studied, + towards evening went w. May downtown + ordered picture frame. Studied all evening. Fine warm day, window open.

To Univ. Studied in libraries. At 12 to Priv. Corp. After dinner read magazine + split kindling. Gen. Shelly died last night, + May + I went up there about 4:30. Met Mrs. Crooker, who told us Miss Shelly understood that May got the parrot yesterday: so I carried the parrot, Roger, home w. us to keep a few days. I went down after picture frame for Mrs. Main's sepia. Then went hunting sun-flower seed for Roger. Inquired from 17th St. down to Avenue about 7 places, before finding some. In evening studied + bath. Mrs. Ferguson stopped this evening + invited us to take dinner w. them tomorrow - Mr. Ferguson's birthday. Day warm + pleasant: windows wide open.

SUNDAY, JAN. 7, 1906.
Read + studied in forenoon. At 1 we went to Mr. + Mrs. Fergusons, on 19th St. west of Rio Grande, + had dinner with them. Mr. Smith + Mr. W- also there. Played with baby + visited till 3:40. Then went to Shelley's - to funeral service for Gen. Shelly: large crowd there. Then home. Studied all evening. Day warm.

Studied at room + at 10 to Univ. Class in Gov't. Worked in law lib. + to class at 12. After dinner read a little, + then studied law. Rec'd letter from Brynjolfson. Norther began last night, + continued all day + evening, blowing hard: turning cold.

TUESDAY, JAN. 9, 1906
To Univ., worked in law lib. At 12 to class. After dinner studied law. At 3 to Univ. attended Faculty Meeting. Dean Miller told me that Seniors were kicking about the amount of work in Priv. Corp. + were neglecting other courses: that it took the best men 4 + 5 hours to get the lessons. E.T. Miller also told me he heard seniors talking about it. Studied all evening. Day cold. Found at Treas. Office, copy of Marshall on Corporations for me + also some book on brief-making.

To Univ. at 9. Worked in lib. To class at 10. Worked in law lib. till 12. Then to Priv. Corps. Spoke about amount of work + methods + purposes. In afternoon returned to law lib. + looked up 2 good cases for quiz tomorrow afternoon. Went home 4:30 + studied all evening. Day a little warmer.

THURSDAY, JAN. 11, 1906
To Univ. at 10 + studied in law lib. To class at 12. After dinner worked + studied all afternoon + evening. Beautiful, mild day.

To Univ. + studied till class at 10. Studied + attended to other matters. At 12 to Priv. Corp. Took quiz-papers home + graded them, at 4 to Univ. faculty meeting. In evening studied. Rec'd letter from Father. There seems to have been a rumpus about the quiz yesterday when most of the class had found it answered differently from the courts, but it will come out alright when they understand my marking + method better. [R.] D. Miller came to office + said he heard I was having trouble with law students, + Registrar Williams said he head heard I made them work. It seems to have reached around quite a little. Beautiful evening.

SATURDAY, JAN. 13, 1906.
To Univ. + worked in law lib. At 12 to Priv. Corp. class in fine humour since having gotten their grades on Thursday quiz. After dinner read papers. AT 2:30 to meeting of law faculty, + then worked in law lib. a little, went home, + then down town to Gammell's office, + also to lumber yard at foot of Avenue: spoke about getting boards for substitute for cot. In evening read magazine, went to Univ. after the box in wh. Lowell books came. May + I took walk. Day like spring: south breeze.

Read paper, +c. We went to Highland Presb. Ch. After dinner I studied law. At 3:10 we took walk + went to Dr. Bray's. Later to Dr. Miller's. Went home at 6: studied + read. Strong south breeze: warm like spring.

MONDAY, JAN. 15, 1906
To Univ. - class at 10. To lib. where happened to meet Mrs. Lot Wright of Lebanon. To law lib. + at 12 to class. In afternoon studied law, spend kindling + at 5 May + I took long walk. Studied in evening. This morning wrote letter to West. Pub. Co. and Ke[e]fe-Davidson Co. Rec'd invitation from cousin Jennie to wedding dinner of Uncle + Aunt on Thursday next. May wrote reply. Day very warm: like Ohio summer.

Read paper, arranged couch, +c. To Univ. at 10:30. At 12 to Priv. Corp. In afternoon studied law, + in evening Gov't. May went calling on Mrs. Wright in afternoon. Day warm like yesterday, about 75°. Killed mosquito.

WEDNESDAY, JAN. 17, 1906.
To Univ. at 9 + worked in law lib. At 10 to class. At 12 to Priv. Corp. After dinner went to Supreme Ct. library + got cases for quiz. Bought whiskey. Went home and took quinine, + whiskey in hot water, + went to bed. Feel grip coming on: began during night: day muggy till late in afternoon. In evening May read magazine to me and I took repeated doses of quinine, +c. Day warm.

Felt much better this morning: suffered during night. In morning worked a little + rested. At 10:40 to Univ. Studied law + to class at 12. After dinner studied law. Towards evening Sandbo called. Studied Lowell. Foggy in morning but cleared off beautifully in forenoon. Warm: windows wide open.

FRIDAY, JAN. 19, 1906.
To Univ. at 9. Worked in law lib. To class at 10. Priv. Corp. at 12. In afternoon studied as usual. May + I took walk towards evening. Studied in evening. Rained a little during night, but cleared off by afternoon: warm. Late in the evening a norther began. We have had no fire in stove since Sunday morning, except yesterday morning on acc. of my not being well.

Shaved. +c. To Univ. at 10. Class at 12. In afternoon read magazine, +c. Took bath. Killed chicken. Made walk for Mrs. Copes to her kitchen. In evening studied law. At 8 to Univ.- debate between Athenaeum + Rusk on Chinese Exclusion. Athenaeum, on neg., won. Pope, Keen, Haynie + Lattimore were selected inter-collegiate debaters, with Kercheville + Nickels as alternates. Rec'd letter from Cousin Wilhelm Strandlund. Day warm- no fire in stove.

SUNDAY, JAN. 21, 1906
In forenoon read paper, +c. After dinner worked a little: rested. Dr. Thms. Keasbey called. I went to 1104 Guadalupe to call on Dr. Callaway, but he was not at home. Then I went to cor. San Antonio + 22nd sts. To call on Dr. Battle, but no one came to the door. Then to Whitis Ave., bet. 25th + 26th St. + called on E.T. Miller + Mr. Hill. In evening read magazine + studied. Rained heavily in forenoon. Cleared a little in afternoon: wind blowing strong from north: had fire in stove.

To Univ. at 9. Worked in lib. + held classes at 10 + 12. Prof Sutton told me he had been told that some law student had drawn a cartoon of me on the blackboard representing me as giving out whole volumes of lessons, and the other law professors coming in and making salaams to me. I had not heard of it before. The other day I noticed on the cover of "Marshall on corporations" in the law lib. written in ink, "To Hell with corporations." I am training myself to laugh and enjoy such things + go ahead cheerfully doing good-naturedly what ought to be done + as best I can. Studied + read magazine in afternoon + evening. Sharp north wind all day; cold and clear.

TUESDAY, JAN. 23, 1906
To Univ. at 10! Worked in lib. To class at 12. After dinner studied law. At 4 to Univ.- meeting of Forensic Committee. Worked in law lib. Studied, +c. in evening. Day clear, warmer, + beautiful. Am all tired out: have lost the energy wh. I used to have up to a week ago: worked too hard.

To Univ. Classes at 10 and 12. After dinner to Sup. Ct. lib. + got cases for quiz. Studied + worked all afternoon + evening. Cold last night, but day warm + beautiful: windows open in afternoon.

THURSDAY, JAN. 25, 1906.
To Univ. before 10. Worked in law lib. At 12 to class. After dinner read magazine and studied law. In evening May + I took walk. Studied till 9:30. Morning cool. Afternoon warm- beautiful.

To Univ. Classes at 10 and 12. After dinner graded papers, read some, split kindling + studied law. Averitte called. At 5:40 May + I took walk. Worked all evening. Beautiful day: cool morning, warm day. Mrs. Wright took May riding.

SATURDAY, JAN. 27, 1906
To Univ. at 10. At 12 to class. After dinner read magazines. Later May + I took Roger (parrot) to Miss Shelley's + left him- she was not at home. Wen to Mrs. Robertson's, + then to Univ. lib: got a couple books and took them to Mrs. Wright at 2604 Guadalupe. Then home. In evening read magazine, +c. In morning wrote Huberich a letter and mailed it to San Antonio. Day beautiful: warm: ther. at 65 in afternoon.

In forenoon read paper, + rested. After dinner studied law. We took walk to Ferguson's, but they were out. Went past Brays, + back home. I went to see Sandbo, but cd. Not find him. Studied all evening. Day warmer: like summer: no fire in stove all day.

MONDAY, JAN. 29, 1906
To Univ. Classes at 10 and 12. Before going to Univ. in morning, Mr. T. Hume + Mrs. Wright called, + he talked with me about my taking shares in the Capital Bank + Trust Co. After dinner I went down town, first to Sandbo's office, but he did not come, + so I went to First Nat. Bank + talked w. Mr. Hume. He introduced me to Richardson, Assman, + others + took me to new quarters for Capital B + T Co. I agreed to take 10 shares + also become a director. Then I talked about the Nat. Bk. +c. - not favorable: returned to bank + talked some more + asked more questions about its business lately: looks as if it has been running down, so I asked to reconsider my subscription: granted. Went home + talked with May. Studied all evening. Day warm + beautiful.

To Univ. at 10. Worked in law lib. Talked w. Judge Townes about Capital B. + T. Co. Decided not to take the stock, + called up cashier Hume + told him so. Class at 12. After dinner read some. Studied law. At 5:15 May + I took walk down in creek. Worked all evening. Day warm: no fire in stove. Cloudy towards evening.

WEDNESDAY, JAN. 31, 1906
To Univ. at 10. Class at 10 and 12. After dinner read some, + went to Supreme Cr. Library + got cases for quiz. Went home + May + I took long walk. Studied till 9:35. Day warm, but slight breeze from north.