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Graduating Students

Access after Graduation & Summer Access: Bloomberg Law, Lexis, and Westlaw

Bloomberg Law:

  • Graduate Access
    • Graduating students have unrestricted access to Bloomberg Law for six months, up to November 30.
  • Summer Access
    • Continuing students have automatic full, unrestricted access to Bloomberg Law during the summer.

If you have any questions about your Bloomberg Law account, please contact Tarlton’s account representative, Julianne Bisceglia Lipschutz, at



  • Graduate Access
    • All University of Texas School of Law May 2024 graduates automatically receive free access to Lexis+ research through December 31, 2024. Nothing extra is required to receive this access. Having this extra time is helpful for new graduates as they prepare for the bar exam and transition into practice. Recent graduates who sign in to their Lexis+ accounts after July 10 will see a new Graduate Homepage that includes career and interview preparation materials. You will also have the option to choose one of five graduation gifts. Graduates will need to redeem their Lexis points by June 30.
    • The ASPIRE program provides extended access to Lexis for those students going into public service. All graduates that are engaged in verifiable 501(c)(3) public interest work will qualify for this program. All that is required is to provide documentation verifying public interest employment. Once the student has been verified, they will then gain free access to the Lexis+ research platform for one full year. Those interested in this program can easily apply right here:
  • Summer Access
    • Continuing students have automatic full, unrestricted access to Lexis+ during the summer.

If you have any questions, please contact our Lexis account representative, Paul Cooper, at



  • Graduate Access
    • Graduating students can use Thomson Reuters products, including Westlaw and Practical Law, for 18 months after graduation through Westlaw's Grad Elite program. Extend access by logging into Westlaw at this link: Your “Grad Elite” access gives you 60 hours of usage per month, with no restrictions against using them for professional purposes. These tools include:
      • Westlaw
      • Westlaw Edge UK
      • Practical Law
      • Practical Law Connect
      • Proview
      • Drafting Assistant Essential
      • Doc and Form Builder
  • Summer Access
    • Continuing students can use Thomson Reuters products, including Westlaw, Practical Law, and the Practice Ready solutions, over the summer for non-commercial research. You do not have to do anything to gain access to these tools over the summer. You can turn to these resources to gain understanding and build confidence in your research skills, but you cannot use them in situations where you are billing a client. Examples of permissible uses for your academic password include the following:
      • Summer coursework
      • Research assistant assignments
      • Law Review or Journal research
      • Moot Court research
      • Non-Profit work
      • Clinical work
      • Externship sponsored by the school

If you have any questions, please contact our Westlaw account representative, Aden Luckett IV, at


State Bar of Texas

The State Bar of Texas is the fifth largest organization of lawyers in the United States. The State Bar Act, adopted by the Texas Legislature in 1939, mandates that all attorneys licensed to practice law in Texas be members of the State Bar.

Other Libraries in Texas

No matter where you end up practicing, you may find yourself in need of a local law library for its print or online resources. Local law libraries often have a version of Westlaw that they make available to patrons. The Texas State Law Library has compiled a list of academic and county law libraries in Texas. Listed below are the other law libraries in Austin open to the public besides Tarlton. UT Libraries also offers certain services for UT alums.

Titles for New Lawyers