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Faculty Document Delivery Service


Who may use the faculty document delivery service?
All regular, clinical, visiting, and adjunct faculty, law school deans, administrators and faculty assistants may use the Service for academic research or law school work.
Can faculty assistants use the service?
Yes, we strongly recommend that all faculty requests go through this service.
How long does it take for the Tarlton Law Library to complete my research?
The return time will vary based upon the item’s location. Standard delivery times are listed below, based upon requests received by 3pm, Monday through Friday. All times are estimates and may be longer if the items are checked out or missing. Items available at Tarlton will be delivered the following work day. Items owned by other UT-Austin libraries will be delivered within 3 workdays. Items not owned by a UT-Austin library will be delivered within 2 weeks.
What do I need to do to borrow items from University of Texas Libraries, the collective name for the other libraries at UT-Austin?
Only individuals can borrow items from University of Texas Libraries. As a department of the University, Tarlton cannot borrow materials from University of Texas Libraries. However, Tarlton can collect items for any faculty member who completes a proxy form. By completing this form, the faculty member authorizes the document delivery staff to borrow items under that faculty member’s name.
If Tarlton sends me University of Texas Libraries books, will renewal, overdue or recall notices be sent to me, or to the Law Library?
All University of Texas Libraries notices are sent directly to faculty, including renewal notices, and notices about recalled or overdue books. To ensure the continuation of borrowing privilege at other campus libraries, it is important to honor all due dates and recall notices. Tarlton cannot waive late fees from other campus libraries and the faculty member will be responsible for the payment of those late fees.
What if the book or article I need isn’t available on campus?
If no library on campus owns the book or article you need, your faculty liaison will contact you asking if you want us to obtain the item for you via interlibrary loan (ILL) or from Lexis, Westlaw or the web. If the item you need isn’t available through ILL or electronically, we will try to provide you information about how to get the item from an alternative source.
Can Tarlton make photocopies of materials for my course pack or do other kinds of customized photocopying?
Tarlton generally provides research quality copies rather than course pack quality. For customized copying or copying for course packs, faculty should rely on law school faculty assistants rather than the library service. Tarlton can gather materials needed for a course packet and deliver them to a faculty assistant for copying.
How do I return books borrowed from other libraries?
If a University of Texas Libraries book as been recalled you must return the book to Tarlton's circulation desk. This is the only way to insure that we will be able to return the book before late fees accrue. Books that have not been recalled may be returned to Tarlton's book drop in the faculty mailroom behind the information desk.
Can Tarlton copy an entire book?
Copyright laws restrict copying entire books, or entire issues of journals.
Can Tarlton make multiple copies of an item?
Copyright considerations restrict Tarlton from making multiple copies of any library item.
How will I know that the document delivery service has received and is working on my requests?
The service can send you a status reports and other notices about your requests. Please contact your faculty liaison to determine the status of your request.