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Help with Seminar Papers & Law Review Notes

Split Circuits

A good way to come up with a paper topic is to look for points of law on which courts from different jurisdictions disagree, i.e., circuit splits.

Cert Denials

U.S. Supreme Court Justices will occasionally concur or dissent from petition of certiorari denials to signal their strong feelings about a case. Such cases may be worth investigating further in an article or seminar paper.

Here is an example of a search one can do on Westlaw in a database of U.S. Supreme Court cases to find dissents from cert denials: adv: OP(petition /s certiorari /s den!) & (DIS(grant! OR dissent!) OR CON(concur!)).

Federal Law Developments

New and proposed laws are also ripe for analysis. Listed below are resources for keeping track of the latest federal developments in the three branches of government: judicial, executive, and legislative. (For more tools for tracking legislation, see the library's federal legislative history guide.)

Texas Law Developments

Places to track state-level legal developments in Texas that could be fleshed out more fully in a law review note or seminar paper.

Tailored Resources from Legal Vendors


Law blogs posts can spur a full-length article. Listed below are selected group blogs from law professors of general legal interest. 

To find more specialized blogs that may be of more interest to you, check out these resources.

Addt'l Resources