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Texas Bar CLE Materials

Instructions for Accessing Texas Bar CLE Materials

Instructions for Accessing Texas Bar CLE Materials

  1. Register on the TexasBarCLE site -  - by clicking 'login' in the upper right corner of the screen.  Once you are on the login page, click the link following the 'New User?' text.  Please note that the Texas Bar CLE registration is independent of the State Bar registration (so, even if you have created a password to access members-only portions of the State Bar website, you will still need to register and create a password for the State Bar CLE site).
  2. Access the online classroom (i.e., CLE courses) - Once you've registered and logged in, click the 'Online Classes/mp3s' link on the left side of the screen, and search for and select any course.  Once you've identified a course, click the 'register for class' link.  Once you are at the registration page for a particular class, click the applicable button for law school affiliates ("I affirm that I am a currently enrolled student, faculty, or staff member of a Texas ABA-accredited law school ") and then click 'purchase now' at the bottom of the page.  You will be asked once more to affirm that you qualify for law faculty/staff/student access and that you are using the materials for educational purposes.

    After this second affirmation, you will see a page titled 'enter payment information,' but the cost of the source you selected should be $0.00.  Click 'continue' and you will see a 'purchase complete' page.  Click either 'continue' or the 'return there' text.  You will be redirected to the Texas Bar CLE home page, but a link to the course you have registered for will appear at the top of the page.  Click on that link and you are (finally) ready to go.

  3. Access the online library (i.e., CLE articles) - Once you've registered and logged in to, click the 'online library' link on the left side of the screen, and search for and select any course and article that you wish to download.  Once you've identified the article, click 'buy article.'  On the page titled 'article purchase,' click the 'unlimited downloads' text at the bottom of the page.  (Read and) accept the subscription agreement and then check the box that identifies you as a law school affiliate.  Once again, you will be asked to affirm that identification.  Click 'continue' and then, once again, find your article.  When you look at the article now, you will see a link to 'view article' (rather than 'buy article').  Click on 'view article' and, at long last, the full text of the article is available to you.  The articles are in pdf format, and can be saved to your computer or printed.