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U.S. Supreme Court

A great place to start your research on the U.S. Supreme Court and its decisions.


This guide lays out the fundamentals of Supreme Court research, locating its opinions and digests, as well as more specialized materials for practice and analysis. Since analysis involves understanding an opinion's context, this guide includes resources on the Court's history and nominations.

For the best places to track the Supreme Court, see this guide's "News Sources" tab.

Throughout the guide, background and explanations are provided for how the Court operates. To this end, key terms are linked to David S. Tanenhaus' Encyclopedia of the Supreme Court of the United States. Also scattered throughout the guide and on the "Additional Resources" tab are additional research guides and bibliographies.

Please note, access to certain databases linked in this guide may be restricted to UT Law or the UT community; please see the library's Databases page laying out access privileges.

Navigating Tarlton's Collection

While S. Ct. case law is online, commentary and historical documents are still mainly in print only. Whether seeking print or online materials, here are some tips for using TALLONS, the online catalog:

Helpful call number ranges:

  • KF 8741 - KF 8748 (S. Ct.)
  • KF 9056 - KF 9058 (S. Ct. procedure)

Helpful subject headings:

Helpful keyword search:

  • Try a keyword search for an individual case to see if a documentary history exists

Databases on the Court

The following resources provide data about the Supreme Court and its decisions that allow for statistical and empirical analysis.

Related Resources

These websites provide a wealth of information about the Court, in both text and video.