Faculty Publications Services - Guidelines

Faculty Publications Newsletter

Liz Hilkin, Head of Archives and Special Collections, compiles Faculty Publications Newsletter each month. 

Matt Steinke, Assistant Director for Public Services, distributes the newsletter electronically each month.

Only citations for formally published, recent works (typically within the past year) are accepted for the Newsletter.  Eligible works include scholarly and popular books, book chapters, journal and newspaper articles, audio/visual productions, book reviews, edited works, and similar contributions. Works pending publication are not included. For example, a book manuscript accepted for publication in May 2015 but due out in October 2015 would not be eligible for the Newsletter until October 2015.

Whitepapers, interviews, unpublished conference papers, articles about but not by a faculty member, and similar works are not candidates for inclusion in the Newsletter.  

All citations should be formatted in accordance with the adjusted Blue Book style used in previous versions of the Faculty Publications Newsletter.   Previous editions of the Faculty Publications Newsletter may be viewed at the University of Texas’ Digital Repository.

Please direct citation submissions and questions regarding the Faculty Publications Newsletter to Liz Hilkin at ehilkin@law.utexas.edu

Faculty Publications Pages

As a service to our faculty the Special Collections Department at Tarlton Law Library helps maintain the Publications section of the Faculty Profile pages.   

The Publications page lists only formally published works, including articles, books, contributions to larger works such as book chapters and encyclopedia entries, and published audio and visual productions, such as audio books.   White papers, works pending publication, and similar works will not be listed.  Faculty Members are free to include works that fall outside the scope of the Publications page on their curricula vitae.

Faculty are welcome to submit citations for previously published works to be added to their faculty publication list.  However, the Library is unable to create complete retrospective bibliographies or perform large-scale revisions of existing Publications pages.

Although we are happy to add links to citations on the law school server or elsewhere, Tarlton Law Library cannot upload PDFs of publications to the law school server.  Please direct such requests to the UT Law Webmaster at webmaster@law.utexas.edu.

Please direct citation submissions and questions to Liz Hilkin, Head of Archives and Special Collections, at ehilkin@law.utexas.edu

If you have questions or suggestions about this page, please contact the Special Collections Department.