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The Roy M. Mersky Spirit of Law Librarianship Award

2012 Recipient Announced

The Roy M. Mersky Spirit of Law Librarianship Award Committee is pleased to announce that Leah Sandwell-Weiss, Reference Librarian at the University of Arizona College of Law and, Lynn Wishart, Associate Dean of the Law Library at Cardozo School of Law, are the 2012 recipients of the Award. The Committee thanks everyone who submitted nominations.

Leah Sandwell-Weiss has a significant record of service to the immigrant community in Southern Arizona. Recently ordained a deacon in the Episcopal Diocese of Arizona, Leah is deeply involved in the Pima County Interfaith Council, an independent organization of congregations, schools and not-for-profit organizations that embraces the rich diversity of Pima County, Arizona and works for a fuller participation ini our democracy and toward the creation of a more just society. In recognition of her efforts she was presented with the Corazón de Justicia award by the Coalicion de Derechos Humanos for her work on immigration.

Lynn Wishart, too, has a significant record of service to the underprivileged. For years Lynn was coordinator of the outreach programs at Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church in New York City. The programs include a Homeless Shelter, Habitat NYC, Low Income Advocacy, Special Events for the Homeless, Meals on Wheels, Project Find, Bowery Mission, Crop Walk, Mission Trips and Benevolence (charitable grants to individuals and groups). Lynn’s work as coordinator has involved establishing procedures, drafting committee manuals and organizing the groups for efficiency and excellence. Lynn presently chairs the Shelter Committee and serves on the East Side Congregations for Housing Justice advocacy center.

Selection Committee, Roy M. Mersky Spirit of Law Librarianship Award

Barbara Bintliff, Joseph C. Hutcheson Professor and Director, Tarlton Law Library, University of Texas School of Law

Richard Leiter, Director and Professor Schmid Law Library, University of Nebraska College of Law

Richard J. Spinelli, Senior Vice President, William S. Hein Co., Inc.

Sara Sonet, Research Librarian at the Supreme Court of the United States