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Legal History

An overview of legal history resources and research tools in the library and online, covering multiple legal traditions.


Use this guide's homepage and General resources page as starting points, which list resources that cover multiple jurisdictions. Then check out the guide's subpages for specific jurisdictions. Keep in mind that whatever jurisdiction you are studying, it may have been influenced by multiple other legal traditions. Broadly speaking, Roman law influenced canon law, which influenced civil law and the English law of equity. English common and equitable law influenced U.S. law, which is one of many influences on Texas law.

See also the Current Awareness tab, to stay up to date on the latest research in legal history generally and in specific legal traditions.

Please note, access to certain databases linked in this guide may be restricted to UT Law or the UT community; please see the library's Databases page that lays out access privileges.

Some useful introductory resources:

Navigating Tarlton's Collection

For research involving rare book and archival materials at the Tarlton Law Library, please contact the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections

Whether seeking print or online materials, here are some tips for using TALLONS, the online catalog:

Helpful call number ranges:

  • Legal history: K140-K170

Helpful subject headings:

For more, see the appropriate subpage of the guide.

Legal History Organizations

Additional Resources