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Juries and the Law

A research guide for the role of juries in the law, laying out resources for current awareness, secondary sources, and jury instructions and verdicts.


Use this guide for research on juries at both the federal and state level. The federal right to a grand jury and jury in criminal and civil trials is laid out in the U.S. Constitution's 5th, 6th and 7th Amendments respectively, with ensuing legislation, case law, and regulations. Because the doctrine of selective incorporation has not made these provisions applicable to the states, one must research Texas law separately.

In general, when researching a legal topic, one should start with secondary sources to find the leading and most relevant primary law. Once you have some citations in hand, then look them up in primary sources. There are more practitioner-oriented materials under the "Jury Instructions & Verdicts" tab. To stay abreast of legal developments throughout your research, make use of the resources listed under "Current Awareness."

Please note, access to certain databases linked in this guide may be restricted to UT Law or the UT community; please see the library's Databases page that lays out access privileges.

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General Web Resources on Juries

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