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Family Law

A guide to secondary, primary, and interdisciplinary sources on family law, including selected resources on domestic violence and juvenile justice.


Family tends to be a state law issue, so this guide focuses on family law in Texas. Selected resources on domestic violence and juvenile justice are also included.

In general, when researching a legal issue within a substantive area of the law like family law, start with secondary sources to find the leading and most relevant primary law. Once you have some citations in hand, look them up in primary sources. If also interested in interdisciplinary research, check out the materials listed on the Non-law Sources tab. Current awareness resources help you stay abreast of developments throughout your research. Reviewing the websites of related organizations can also help with current awareness and provide paper topic ideas.

Please note, access to certain databases linked in this guide may be restricted to UT Law or the UT community; please see the library's Databases page that lays out access privileges.

Navigating Tarlton's Collection

Whether seeking print or online materials, here are some tips for using TALLONS, the online catalog:

Helpful call number ranges:

  • KF 479 (Children--Legal status)
  • KF 501 - 554 (Domestic relations)
  • KF 9322 - 9324 (Family violence, Child abuse)
  • KF 9771- 9827 (Juvenile justice)
  • KFT 1294 - 1306 (Texas domestic relations)
  • KFT 1795 - 1796 (Texas juvenile justice)

Helpful subject headings:

N.B. TALLONS employs the phrases "domestic relations" instead of "family law," and "family violence" instead of "domestic violence."