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William Wayne Justice Papers

Fair Housing: The Young Case (continued)

low_income_tenants In July 1986, Judge Justice appointed a special master to assist in the case. The special master, Francis McGovern, was tasked with monitoring the efforts of HUD tocomply with the order for integration, study local housing authority programs to assist with desegregation, and to report to the court on HUD’s efforts and recommend further action as needed.

At the same time, Judge Justice rejected the plan submitted by HUD. Instead the Court enjoined HUD from committing any further constitutional violations and required HUD to begin remedial efforts towards desegregation.

Defendants appealed Judge Justice’s 1986 injunction and order appointing a special master.

The original certified class covered HUD’s low-rent housing program, rent supplement program, and Section 8 program. While the case was on appeal before the U.S. Fifth Circuit, the parties stipulated to a narrower definition of the class that included only residents of and applicants to the low-rent housing programs owned by public housing authorities in the thirty-six counties of East Texas. In light of this stipulation, the July 1986 order appointing Special Master Francis McGovern was vacated and remanded.

Following the March 3, 1988 opinion and order reappointing and defining the role of the special master, Francis McGovern worked with the parties to assure compliance with the injunction.

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