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William Wayne Justice Papers

U.S. v. Texas (continued)

Judge Justice oversaw the ongoing lawsuit until his death, with his last published opinion in the case being in 2008.(United States v. Texas, 572 F. Supp. 2d 726 (E.D. Tex. 2008)).

U. S. v. Tyler Independent School District

Complaint Letter Tyler ISD Closely related to United States v. Texas is United States v. Tyler Independent School District, Civil Action 5176, filed in Judge Justice’s court in the summer of 1970.  U.S. v. T.I.S.D. is an older, separate decision and many of the methods Judge Justice used in this case are reflected in U.S. v. Texas as well. In July 1970, Judge Justice rejected Tyler’s neighborhood school plan and ordered consolidation of Tyler’s schools. One result of the consolidation was increased busing throughout the district in order to fully integrate schools. As of October 2010, Judge Justice’s order in U.S. v. T.I.S.D. still applies to the district. The following documents illustrate the early formation and struggles of the Bi-Racial Committee for the Tyler Independent School District.

Following an incident at John Tyler High School where black and white students were listed separately on ballots for a cheerleader election, Judge Justice established a Bi-Racial Committee. The Committee’s purpose was to discuss ways for achieving racial harmony and understanding among students, teachers, and patrons. 

In response to Wynne’s letter, Judge Justice’s December 17, 1971 order clarifies the duties of the Bi-Racial Committee.

Citing the likelihood of tension between the Bi-Racial Committee and residents of Tyler, Wynne resigns on December 29, 1971.

One task of the Bi-Racial Committee was to investigate complaints and referrals from the school administration, Board of Education, Judge Justice’s court, and the public. The following letters address just one of the complaints received and investigated by the Committee.

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