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Legal Eagles


Legal Eagles 1988

Standing: John Goldstone, Greg Farnik, Coach McGarity, Brian Edwards, Gary Heitmann, John Reed, Coach Wright.

Kneeling: Kyle Ballard, Tom McBath, Brian Baird, Kevin Cabaniss, Trent Thomas, Steve Barrett, David Garcia (captain), Scott Haynes.

Sitting: Mark Heilbrun, Greg Cervenka, David Bickham, Scott Funk, Phillip Sanov, Tim Taylor, Margaret Bond (manager).

Not Shown: Coach Drolla, Coach Hopson, Brad McClellan, Hector Morales, Dick Schmidt.

10 wins - 2 losses

Game date Score Opposing team
9/15/1988 0-6 Simkins Grad - Exhibition Game
9/21/1988 12-2 Michelins
9/28/1988 6-0* Killer MBAs
10/5/1988 32-6 Delta Theta Phi
10/12/1988 25-12 Thundering Herd
10/19/1988 38-0 Indigent Bush People - Division Championship
10/23/1988 20-12 Little Longhorn Bar & Grill - 1st round playoffs
10/30/1988 20-0 Babe's Magnets - Semi-finals
11/1/1988 28-6 Revenge - Law-Graduate Championship
11/6/1988 22-24 Eagle Exes - Beer Bowl
11/7/1988 18-6 Cardiac Kids - All-University Semi-finals
11/8/1988 28-6 Hogg Leggs - All-University Championship

* forfeit

In December 1988, the Legal Eagles traveled to New Orleans, Louisiana to compete in the Flag Football National Tournament. Greg Farnik, '89, recalled, "In spite of competing against the best undergrad teams from around the country, and facing the disadvantage of pulling flags instead of playing touch football as we did at UT, the Eagles advanced to the final 16 at the national tournament."

Legal Eagles National Championship 1988

Photo from the collection of Greg Farnik, '89.

Standing: Scott Haynes, Coach John Drolla, Brad McClellan, Gary Heitmann, John Reed, Brian Baird, Greg Farnik.

Kneeling: Tom McBath, Scott Funk, Greg Cervenka, Coach Tom McGarity, Kyle Ballard, Steve Barrett, John Goldstone, Kevin Cabaniss.

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