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Legal Eagles


Legal Eagles 1986

Standing: Keith Sparks, Betty Ownes (manager), Coach Wright, Joel Schwartz, Pete Broderick, Jerry White, Kenny Kirby, Larry Shosid, Coach McGarity.

Kneeling: Keith Courtney, Johnny Sutton, David Bickham, Rey Perez, Allen Hull, David Quan, David Garcia, Mike Tomsu.

Sitting: Greg Holloway, Stewart Thomas, Sam Dalton, Trey Cutler (captain), Chris Stenholm, Keith Fullenweider, Larry Vincent, Duncan Butler.

Not Shown: Coach Drolla, Coach Hopson, Kemp Kasling, Coach McElroy, Jim Ormiston, Coach Sullivan.

7 wins - 1 loss

Game date Score Opposing team
9/17/1986 32-0 Outlaws
9/24/1986 21-6 Mu Beta Bombers
10/1/1986 42-0 Beer II
10/8/1986 42-6 Bar Busters
10/15/1986 8-0* Mu Beta Chuggers - Division Championship
10/29/1986 22-0 Insufficient Notice - Semi-finals
11/5/1986 6-7 Chairmen of the Board - Law-Graduate Division Championship
11/9/1986 22-0 Eagle Exes - Beer Bowl

* forfeit

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