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Legal Eagles


Legal Eagles 1968

Back row: Mark Maguire, Kevin Holcomb, Bill Wylie, David Stitt, Small, Gareth Cook, Rodney Satterwhite.

Middle row: Kenneth Watson, Jack Hanks, Bert Graham, Randall Howard, Michael Wood, Mike Gammon, Richard Beacom, Coach Ward.

Kneeling: Platt Davis (Offensive Captain), Jerry Wolfe (Defensive Captain).

In 1968, Charles Alan Wright was a visiting professor at Yale. Wright asked Bernard Ward, a visiting professor at Texas to be the interim coach of the team. Not long after Wright arrived at Yale, he received a letter from Ward. In it, Ward related a conversation he had had with colleague Pete Louiseaux.

Pete L.: Bernie, you’ll be moving into Charlie’s house?
BJW: Yes, the dear fellow has left me his house, his office, his secretary, and his football team.
Pete L.: His football team!
BJW: Yes. Well, he knows that I have limited experience and….
Pete L.: Never mind what he knows, I’ll tell you this: You can leave his house in shambles, you can mess up his office, you can play around with his secretary, but, brother, you better win with his football team.

Under Ward’s tutelage, the Legal Eagles went not only undefeated and untied, but unscored upon. Wright coached the Eagle Exes in the Beer Bowl that year. The Exes lost 0-46, Wright’s worst defeat as a player or coach in the history of his career.

Game date Score Opposing team
10/20/1968 46-0 Exes - Beer Bowl
n.d. 1-0 Delta Theta Phi II
n.d. 12-0 War Ponies - Law School Championship
n.d 23-0 Photons - Graduate Division Championship
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