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Legal Eagles


Legal Eagles 1961

Left to Right: John Warner, William Cranz, Coach Wright, Henry Woodward, John Reese, Brady Coleman, Carroll Kelly, Don Dickson (co-captain), William Bailey, Jerry Lucas, Thomas Higgins, Curtis Dyer, Graydon Dunlap (co-captain), James Stofer, Bob Hinsley, Bruce Willis, DeWitt Alsup, Rex Nichols, Fred Pfeiffer, Michael Furman, Tom Crum, Richard Morris.

Kneeling: Tanner Hunt.

Not Shown: Bill Kilgarlin.

Game date Score Opposing team
n.d. 26-28 Phi Delta Phi
n.d. 22-0 Phi Alpha Delta
n.d. 14-6 Delta Theta Phi
n.d. 0-18* Delta Theta Phi
n.d 18-14 Phi Delta Theta
11/8/1961 13-0 Phi Delta Phi - Law School Championship
11/16/1961 18-6 Phi Alpha Delta - Beer Bowl

* Game was forfeited after an ineligible player was discovered on the Delta Theta Phi team.

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