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Hyder Collection


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The Tarlton Law Library is grateful for the generosity of Martha Rowan Hyder, Brent Hyder, Whitney More and the Hyder and Rowan Foundatations, from whom nearly 1,000 items were donated to the UT Jail cell door detailLaw School Foundation in 2011 to ensure that future generations of law students and visitors would be able to enjoy the collection. The library also acknowledges Elton M. Hyder, III, from whom 34 pieces were acquired in 2011.

The Tarlton Law Library thanks Michael Horn, curator of the Hyder Collection, for his many years of service and his invaluable knowledge of the collection.

The Tarlton Law Library also thanks Stephanie Swope, UT School of Law Communications Department, for capturing the spirit of the collection in the photographs seen throughout this web site.

Seen here is the detail on the lock from one of two English jail cell doors included in the collection.

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