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The Last Will of Williston Fish

The First Merrymount Press Edition

[Williston Fish.] The Will of Charles Lounsbury. Boston: The Merrymount Press, 1907.

Merrymount Press Edition, 1907

The Merrymount Press edition took significant liberties with the original text and failed to acknowldge the author, inspiring a tirade by Fish. The press issued a revised and author approved edition the following year. 

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The Merrymount Press was a printing company founded and run by Daniel Berkeley Updike (1860-1941) in Boston, Massachusetts, from 1893 through 1941. Among the best representatives of the Arts and Crafts movement in American book arts, Merrymount Press was additionally the first American firm to use the Times New Roman font.



Gift of the Mildred A. O’Donohoe estate.