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The Last Will of Williston Fish

A Christmas Keepsake Edition

[Williston Fish.] The Last Will and Testament of Charles Lounsbury. New York: Harbor Press, 1928.

Christmas Keepsake, 1928A private printing of the will in the form of a holiday greeting. Most of the salient features of the anonymous re-printings appear in this impression of the fictional will penned by Williston Fish in 1898. The work is presented as an actual will found in the pocket of a poorhouse inmate, and claims to have been probated at the wish of the Chicago bar. In addition to these fantasies, many of the gratuitous revisions Fish objected to in 1908 remain in the text. The edition was printed as a Christmas gifts, with the greeting of the giver printed in the forward. This was a popular format, and Tarlton holds many similar imprints.

Christmas greeting

Change of address insert





Gift of the Mildred A. O’Donohoe estate.