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UT School of Law Early Deans 1902-1974


Though the foundation was well-laid by the first law department professors, Robert S. Gould and Oran M. Roberts, the early deans of the University of Texas School of Law strove to build the school’s Pearce Hall, circa 1920reputation for greatness. By exacting a rigorous course load intended to dissuade less determined students, modernizing the curriculum and teaching methods, and instituting financial support outside university funding, our early deans helped shape the School of Law.

Postcard painting of Pearce Hall, postmarked Oct, 16th, 1920

Not only were the early deans integral in establishing the reputation of the institution, they were internationally recognized scholars, judges, and attorneys. While some, like Dean George C. Butte, served only a one year term, others, notably Dean Page Keeton, spent the majority of their careers serving as the dean of UT Law.  

The materials used in the creation of this exhibit are housed in the Rare Books and Special Collections Department of Tarlton Law Library and includes oral histories, articles, the Law School's yearbook, The Pereginus, and the University of Texas yearbook, The Cactus.

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