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Conservation of Rare Law Books 2008-2009

Conservation Treatment Reports

Nicolaus Antonius Blascus. Silva memorabilium iuris, seu conclusionum illustrium, non omnium quae in iure versantur, sed quae digniora selectu visa sunt. Naples: Apud Haeredes Matthiae Cancer, 1588.
Treatment by Helen Kuncicky

Ranulf de Glanville. Tractatus de legibus & consuetudinibus regni Angliae, tempore Regis Henrici Secundi compositus: iusticiae gubernacula tenente illustri viro Ranulpho de Glanvilla iuris regni & antiquarum consuetudinum eo tempore peritissimo, [London]: in aedibus Thomae Wight, 1604.
Treatment by Katherine Lechuga

Charles Henry Lee. The Judge Advocate's Vade Mecum. Charleston, SC: West and Johnson: Richmond, 1863. Treatment by Beth Antoine

Sir Thomas Littleton. Littleton’s Tenures in English: Lately Perused and Amended. London: Printed for the Companie of Stationers, 1627.
Treatment by Stephanie Gowler

Journal of the Convention for Framing a Constitution of Government for the State of Massachusetts Bay: from the Commencement of their First Session, September 1, 1779, to the Close of their Last Session, June 16, 1780: Including a List of the Members. Boston: Dutton and Wentworth, printers to the state, 1832. Treatment by Laura Bedford

The Proceedings Relative to Calling the Conventions of 1776 and 1790: the Minutes of the Convention that Formed the Present Constitution of Pennsylvania, together with the Charter to William Penn, the Constitutions of 1776 and 1790, and a View of the Proceedings of the Convention of 1776, and the Council of Censors. Harrisburg: Printed by John S. Wiestling, 1825. Treatment by Rebecca Smyrl

John Selden. Table-talk: Being the Discourses of John Selden, Esq.: or His Sense of Various Matters of Weight and High Consequence, Relating Especially to Religion and State. 3rd ed. London: Jacob Tonson, and Awnsham and John Churchill, 1716. Treatment by Sonya Issaeva