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Aztec and Maya Law


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Tarlton Law Library recognizes Michael Widener, Eric Glass, and Emma Molina Widener for their role in the creation of the original Aztec and Maya Law exhibit and bibliography. The staff of Tarlton Law Library also thanks Craig Schroer and Michael Hironymous of the Benson Latin American Collection for their support and participation in this new exhibit and bibliography, and for their assistance with locating the many images for this website.

Exhibit History

The original collaborative exhibit "Law in Mexico Before the Conquest," opened in 1992 in the atrium of The University of Texas School of Law, curated by Michael Widener, former Head of Special Collections, Tarlton Law Library in connection with the Columbus Quincentenary. Tarlton Law Library staff member Eric Glass prepared an online version in 2003. Michael Widener and Emma Molina Widener also created the original guide to resources on Aztec and Maya Law. Both efforts were aided by Jane Garner and Michael Hironymous of the Benson Latin American Collection, The University of Texas at Austin.

In 2010 in fulfillment of her Capstone requirement and as a Tarlton Law Library Fellow, Rachel Little completely re-researched and updated the exhibit and annotated bibliography, both of which include new information and research concerning the contributions of the Aztec and Maya people to the legal history of Mexico and Latin America.