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Assault & Flattery


Assault & Flattery is a law school tradition that continues to the present. In 2005, the performance occurred after, rather than during, Law Week. Since then, Assault & Flattery has remained independent of Law Week. The show for 2012, Callback to the Future, ran from March 1 to March 4.

Group photo of cast of The Usual Subjects, 2001

Cast of The Usual Subjects, 2001
Poster: Assault & Flattery Feat. Main Show, Medley, and the A & F Band A version of Top Gun that's intentionally funny Top Gunner Thursday, March 4-Sunday, March 7, 2010 UTOPIA Theatre, School of Social Work

2000: The Law of the Jungle
2001: The Usual Subjects
2002: A Funny Thing Happened
         on the Way to the Courtroom

2003: The Professors
2004: Star Crossed Lawyers
2005: Issuespotting
2006: The Big Dzienkowski
2007: Willy Wonka and the Bad Legal Pun
2008: A Study Carrel
2009: Schiess All That
2010: Top Gunner
2011: Motion’s Eleven
2012: Callback to the Future
2013: Harry Potter and the Order of the Peregrinus
2014: Clue

Audition Information, 2005



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