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Assault & Flattery


Although the show continued to run as part of the Law Week festivities, Assault & Flattery was no longer a collection of skits built around a competition. By the 1980s production took on the themed format it enjoys today.

Photo of band Rehearsing “La Bamba” from 1988 Peregrinus, p. 21
Rehearsing "La Bamba"

The stand-alone musical sketches in the show evolved as well. By the mid-1980s Medley, UT Law’s a cappella group, began to appear in Assault & Flattery productions. Assault & Flattery gained official student group status in 1984. Official status did not eliminate the controversy surrounding the show, and Assault & Flattery continued to occasionally offend the sensibilities of some viewers, including the Women’s Law Caucus, which elected to pull its skit from the 1989 Assault & Flattery in protest. Program cover: Assault  & Flattery 1989 Legal Shop of Horrors The production's popularity continued, enjoying an all-time high of four performances in 1989.

1980: All that Juzztice
1981: The Best Little Law School in Texas
1982: A Juris Line
1983: Texas Cabaret
1984: Wizard of Laws
1985: My Fair Lawyer
1986: The Rocky Lawyer Picture Show
1987: Grief is the Word
1988: Heir
1989: Legal Shop of Horrors

Skit script Law Trek -- The Final Exam (PDF)



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