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Assault & Flattery


The 1970s brought some notable changes to Assault & Flattery. The show proved so popular that the one-night-only show turned into a two-night affair in 1977, extending to three nights in 1979.

Performers holding "Mobil" and "Exxon" briefcases, 1978

As in the past, the shows took place during Law Week. The format of the show began to shift in the 1970s, marking the transformation of Assault & Flattery from a collection of skits to a show united by a larger theme. In 1976, Assault & Flattery bore the additional title My Fair Lawyer. The students built Act 1 around the My Fair Lawyer theme, while Act 2 comprised of the more familiar series of sketches, songs, and guest appearances.

Program cover, 1970: “Due to circumstances beyond our control...” Assault & Flattery the Law Revue OFF/VOL BRIGHT CONTR VERT HORIZ

Script Assault & Flattery 1975 (PDF)

Scene from Assault & Flattery 1972
Program cover Assault & Flattery 1979
Scene from Assault & Flattery 1972