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Assault & Flattery


Much like the Assault & Flattery performances of the 1950s, the shows of the 1960s comprised of sketches put on by various law school organizations and the faculty. Unfortunately the show took on a harsh, biting tone, offending faculty and others. Program cover: The First Annual Pae Keeton Law Week April 7-12, 1969Dean Page Keeton assigned Professor Byron Fullerton the task of screening Assault & Flattery submissions. However students frequently ad-libbed portions that had been omitted from the official script. As the 1960s progressed, the show suffered from declining student interest and tired material. As a result of these problems, Assault & Flattery ceased production in 1967. The show found new life in 1969 when mid-law Milt Oberman revived a more professional and good-natured version of Assault & Flattery, and the show became an official Law Week event.

Law Wives Skit 1962 (PDF)
Law Wives Skit 1964 (PDF)

Texas Law Forum Clipping 1967 Assault and Flattery Cast Party, First Law Week 1969
First Law Week 1969